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Predict the 2015 Cal Football Season

Once again it's time for our semi-annual season predictions. Will the Bears continue their upward trajectory and achieve a bowl game or will our struggles on defense continue?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Bears and the rest of their opponents have wrapped up spring practices and the time has come for us to put our newfound knowledge to good use.   That's right, we're running our semi-annual season predictions!

We face another daunting schedule this year.  Nine of our opponents played in bowl games last year and six of them may be ranked heading into this season's kickoff.  We're in a pivotal third year of the Sonny Dykes era.  How the Bears fare this season will have a big impact on Sonny D's future at Cal.  We do not yet know how the team will fare, but we can make our best guesses.  And so, we have today's exercise.

The rules of our season predictions are simple enough that even Pac-12 refs couldn't screw things up.  Instead of being interested in whether Cal wins or loses, we're interested in the chance that the Bears will win. If you believe the Bears have a 99.9% chance of beating Grambling State, enter ".999" on the form. If you think Cal has 50% chance at beating Texas, enter ".50" in the appropriate box. And so forth. Please keep your submissions between 0.00 and 1.00 or else my magical number-crunching machine will blow a head gasket.  I don't want have to machine its cylinders, clean its piston heads, and replace its fluids any more than I want to explain why I use an internal combustion engine to compute our results.  So please, follow directions when submitting your responses.

Below I have embedded the form for submitting your predictions.  In case you are having issues with the embedded form, you will also find the form here.  Thanks for participating!  Please submit your predictions by June 5th.  We will post the results a few days after that.


You can add up your win probabilities to get a projected total number of wins.  We encourage you to post your projected win total in the comments.