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Lil B blesses Jaylen Brown after cursing Kevin Durant and James Harden

I think this is a good thing.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lil B is a rapper from Berkeley who has built one impressive online following. At 25 years old he has already become one of the most popular rappers in the world and has kind of snuck up on the national conscience.

I don't really know much about his rap yet, but I do know that he is most famous among non-hip hop heads for the curses he's placed on basketball players. A Warriors fan (East Bay represent!), he cursed Kevin Durant for not understanding the popularity of Lil B, and has cursed James Harden for stealing his cooking dance (Lil B will be at Game 5 of Warriors-Rockets to personally curse the Beard in person).

Thankfully, it's looking like Cal basketball will avoid the curse. We might get the opposite here! The Based God seems all set to play basketball with Jaylen Brown once he gets to Cal, as Brown issued the challenge.

This would be the greatest Midnight Madness moment ever, wouldn't it?

I have no idea what any of this means. But I think I like it! Cal might start expanding their celebrity fanbase beyond the Counting Crows (and nothing against Adam Duritz, bless his heart, but we could use a few more guys on board!).