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Cal football white helmets rumored for Texas game

Cal football white helmets
Cal football white helmets

The rumors appear to be confirmed. Cal might very well be using white helmets early in the season when they head to Austin to face fellow white-helmeted bedfellows Texas.

So Cal will return to a variation of the stormtrooper look next season (I'd hope it's all white, because white helmets with blue pants don't seem all that great).

I don't have much to say on this anymore. What do you think of this look potentially coming out for the Texas game next season?

Here is a sampling of takes from our readers and editors from yesterday's piece on the white helmets.

Berkelium97: Why chrome for the face mask? Why not polished gold? Also, the bear logo should be blue.

Rugbear: Both the logo and cage should be gold...that might look cool! (Remember its 'Golden Bears' not blue Bears)

alpha1906: I ain't suiting up...If they like it, and it allows us to score one more point than our opponent, then yes. I still love the mustard yellow big game unis.

napabear: I love the all-gold look too. Cal was very successful with it too, before everything started to go south under the previous regime. Go all out- gold helmets too.

maveric23: I don’t like the design. Too big and busy. Let’s just stick to the classic and timeless "Cal" script please!

Bearly Legal: Well, it's not like our most hated rival wears white helmets or anything... Oh, wait.


EchoOfSilence: I absolutely love it. I understand this would probably be a one-game deal, but…. they just look so GOOD.

SuperEQ: This is why the terrorists hate us. I can’t believe these god awful helmets will not die, but the JOE ROTH UNIFORMS…. THE SINGLE GREATEST UNIFORMS IN THE HISTORY OF ALTERNATIVE UNIFORMS…ARE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!!!!

OddOskI: I suppose I can learn to love it.

CalBear949 AND AndyHogan14: Kill it with fire!

Senor Golden: I feel like older Cal fans hate them more than younger Cal fans.

Dasarte Yarnway Fan Club: I’M HIP AND WITH ITI’VE TWEETED BEFOREAnd I hate it. Helmets should only ever have block C or Cal script, in my book. Never really been a fan of the new bear logo, so….Shapeless logo+colorless helmet=meh.

DavidsonBear: They look pretty awesome and if you don’t think so, you’re flat out wrong.

JustBear: Design wise, that is so ugly. If they are going to use a white helmet, at least, couldn’t they do a better job? That is so uncreative.

wildaBeestmode: These will look bad ass in 3D.

royrules: I'm gonna throw up.

turkey: This actually isn’t bad, far better than the Cal script white helmets. Welcome to modern college football where you have to do this a game or two every year just for the hype. The slight gold tint to the cage really ties it together.

Swamphunter: No.

atomsareenough: Not particularly a fan of white helmets in general, but as far as white helmets go, these are pretty snazzy.