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WATCH: Sonny Dykes take his son Oski on a tour of the Bay Area

Clever Sonny.

When college football recruits are planning their trips, they want as much info as possible, particularly if they're unfamiliar with the location. What is there to do? What places can you check out when school isn't in session? How do you best effectively sell the idea of living in Berkeley and make it the most attractive place to go to school?

I think the Cal coaching staff might start with this video. Hell, UC Berkeley admissions could take some notes!

You've got the scenic Bay Area in all its majesty. There's historic Pebble Beach for all the football dads to think about trying out. There's Santa Cruz for all the football players who want that weekend getaway from Berkeley. There's the historic cable cars. There's Levi Strauss headquarters for ... jeans. There's San Francisco. There's the three time World Series champs San Francisco Giants, who will probably be capturing their fourth title in 2016. There's the famous boat cruises on the Bay. There's Lake Tahoe for spring break.

It's hard to beat Cal in terms of location and prestige. For a long time, we haven't done the greatest job at selling the location. Seems like we're beating that into the system of Cal football too.