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CGB Hall of Fame: (6) David Kravish vs. (11) Harper Kamp

The second Hall of Fame matchup of this weekend features two unsung heroes of the Cal Men's Basketball program; David Kravish and Harper Kamp.

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

(6) David Kravish

The true personification of a student athlete. A Hall of Fame human being, and a Cal Bear we can always be proud of.

by Bearly Legal

I don't know if I have any specific memories of Kravish - partially as a result of my viewing circumstances (often via a spotty illeagal stream, or listening via TuneIn over the last four year) - but much more of a general overview of growth. There was no way I'd ever think this skinny kid from Missouri, who didn't look like much physically would walk out of Cal as the all time blocks leader and number 5 all time in rebounds. I think that's a testament to his hard work and his study of the game. His physical transformation from a guy who didn't weigh much more than I do to a 240 pound centerpiece has really been the sort of journey that I enjoy about college hoops. Plus the fact that he's graduating with a degree in IB with an eye towards eventually going to med school - he's one of the guys I'd point to as a real success story from the Montgomery/Martin years of Cal hoops.

He played out of position all year, got new offense responsibilities this year and soldiered through it because it was for the good of the team.

by Leon Powe

He came in as a skinny kid with a questionable jumper, and I remember wondering how much he'd be able to contribute. It became obvious that he would do more than contribute his freshman year itself - he immdiately was a good rebounder, overcoming his lack of strength with timing and positioning, as well as a surprisingly excellent shot blocker.

He also had an awesome ability (like Jorge, but a lesser degree) to "fill the cracks" around the talents around him. He fit perfectly with Cobbs and Solomon, content to rebound, defend, move the ball, and hit open jumpers, all with great consistency. This year's struggles have really bummed me out precisely because he has been such an awesome Bear for his entire career. He's been forced to play out of position, to shoulder more load on offense than he'd probably like, but he's stayed grinding and working hard because that's the type of player he is.

by boomtho

Make no mistake, Kravish leaves Cal as perhaps ironically both the most loved and most unsung players and student-athletes Cal Basketball has ever had. Check out more of CGB's favorite memories of David Kravish at our basketball roundtable.

(11) Harper Kamp

Harper Kamp vs Stanford 3-5-2011 (via ihelpathletes)

iVinishe: Harper Kamp is quite simply a True Golden Bear. Kamp earned honorable mention Pac-10 All-Freshman honors. As one of Ben Braun's final recruits however, Harper was faced with a difficult situation when Braun left the University of California: leave the school he had only played at for one year and had just let his head coach go, or stay and play for a new coach in an unfamiliar system. Though courted by several programs, Harper remained true to gold and blue, donning a California jersey 3 of the next 4 years, in spite of severe back and knee limitations.

After being unable to play due to injury during the 2009-2010 season, Harper returned as an upperclassman leader of the next two teams. Over the next two seasons, he received 2nd-Team All Pac-10/12 honors while displaying some of the toughest balls any Cal player has ever had. Through every grimace after a blow to the back, every flu game he had to receive IV's for, Harper exemplified what it means to be a Golden Bear. He was never the flashiest or the most athletic; however, his leadership, consistent performance on the court, and representation of the University of California has earned the respect and gratitude of Cal fans world wide.

KPIX Cal's Harper Kamp and his Bulldog Franklin (1/6/12) (via kpixsports)

You can also read more about Harper from our Remembering the Seniors post here.