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Caleb Swanigan watch: Does a decision come this week with spring signing period ending?

Cal's chances might hinge on a decision in the next few weeks.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The news on Caleb Swanigan has slowed to a trickle. We know the following:

But a decision might have to come soon, or it might not come for quite awhile.

The spring signing period lasts up until May 20th, at which point things reset. I'm not exactly sure how things change after that, but no signing by then would make it tough for Swanigan to attend summer bridge.  Fulfilling summer bridge academic requirements is generally expected among all Cal freshmen student-athletes, so a summer commitment might require a bit more juggling to pull off properly to get everyone on campus.

Even if Cuonzo Martin and staff want to make this happen, they still have to figure out a way to make the scholarship math work.  Currently, Cal has no roster openings theoretically open, contingent on Davon Dillard being approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse. It's not clear how Swanigan watch ends for the Bears. If he doesn't commit to Cal, it's pretty simple, and if he does, things figure to get a bit more complicated before we can start to figure out how this class will end up.