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California Golden Blogs is looking for new volunteer writers

Join the team!

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As you can tell, we've been in mourning this past month with CGB losing Nam to Cal Rivals. Nam is just one of those writers that is very, very difficult to replace. We are set to move to the future, but we will miss him a lot.

(Of course he's not exactly leaving. Something about wrestling promos or something. I'm not sure what it means, but it probably involves live tweeting Pitch Perfect 2. Stay tuned on that front.)

The site will survive, but we need some help filling some critical positions. Our staff isn't going anywhere, but things have gotten relatively busy for a majority of our writers. We need help filling multiple positions.

Considering how bleak things have been with Cal sports the past few years, this is a GREAT time to join CGB. Cal football and basketball are poised to have potentially good seasons (fingers crossed), and you'll get the chance to cover amazing talents like Jared Goff and Ivan Rabb.

Football writer. We're not exactly certain yet what your role would be, but we will need some additional help to fill in for our staff next season. If you are interested in writing one post a week during football season, we are very interested in you. BONUS if you can write weekly or semi-weekly pieces during the offseason.

Football recruiting writer. With Nam gone, we need someone to help us with a lot of recruiting duties. We are looking for one person to do a weekly recruiting update of some sort (a la Golden Recruiting Wire) and generally have a passion for following all recruiting pertaining to Cal. You'll get plenty of assistance from me with anything you need. Our original man in charge of this feature, Marc, is the current head of Cal Rivals!

Feature reporters. If you are a Cal student or someone local to the Bay Area who is interested in covering practice, conducting interviews, or anything of that sort, this might interest you. CGB does have press access to open football practices, which will give you the opportunity to watch the team in action and interview coaches and athletes. There might also be press box openings to some of the events (to be determined). Lindsay, Nam, and Eugene have gone onto work for Cal Rivals and other major publications due to their outstanding work in this position.

Moderators: If you are a regular CGB commenter who doesn't have the time to write but hangs out around the site a lot and all of its various threads and would like to be a moderator, we are looking for someone to help us keep commenters who misbehave in line. This will come in handy for gamethreads, bad losses, dark periods of Cal sports, etc. So basically September to March!

Pitch us: If you have particular post topics you'd like to write about on a regular basis pertaining to Cal topics, contact us at goldenblogs at gmail dot com.

Perks: Writers at CGB have gone onto find or produce work at SB Nation, Rivals (the Cal Rivals site is essentially grad school for CGB writers, their roster is currently 100% CGB), Yahoo Sports, ESPN, CBS, local news media stations. They have gone on to attend grad school at Stanford, Columbia, UCLA, Loyola Marymount. Our writers also work in many diverse fields in their day jobs (law, business, education, science, technology), so you will be joining one of the most robust network of Cal alumni on the Internet you can find.

How to apply: Please email goldenblogs at gmail dot com if you are interested. Send relevant writing samples.