Cal football with 4th toughest schedule in country in 2015


2nd hardest in the Pac-12 behind USC. Washington, Utah, and Stanford are also in the top 10. All hail Pac-12 strength of schedule!

We'll chat about this plenty this offseason, but Cal playing both UCLA and USC every season will put the Bears in the top ten of strength of schedule every year barring a drastic decline in the North.

It will make it very hard for the Bears to both win the North and win the Pac-12. Cal already plays in the tough north with two perennial national contenders in Oregon and Stanford and draws two of the toughest south foes perennially in USC and UCLA. That's the four toughest teams to gameplan against every year nonstop.

And yes, Stanford has done it, but they've BARELY done it.

What do you think about having a tough schedule that ranks in the top ten every season?

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