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Caleb Swanigan waiting for Cal opening, Cal intensifying recruitment, no final decision soon

So this goes on.

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Yeah. Yeah. I know. "Another one of these?"

Bear with me. There have been actual updates with Caleb Swanigan.

The good news is that they are Cal-positive.

The bad news is that Swanigan watch is going on and on and on.

Let's keep on going!

Lindsay has plenty of updates from Cal Rivals. The most important one? Dan Dakich has backtracked completely.

Here are the other important updates.

1) Purdue would have gotten a commitment by now if this was Swanigan's top choice

It's true that nothing should hold back from Swanigan to committing to the Boilermakers. There's an opening available for him at his supposed preferred position in college, and Purdue would definitely make him a feature player.  But the commitment hasn't happened yet. Good sign for Cal fans.

2) Cal needs to find an opening for Swanigan before he can pursue West Coast opportunities

One of the biggest issues remains an open scholarship for Swanigan. Another issue that hasn't been discussed is what Swanigan's guardian Roosevelt Barnes thinks Caleb should do and what the best place for him to be will be. You have to factor everything.

3) What is the main draw for Caleb Swanigan to check out Cal?

Caleb Swanigan, Ivan Rabb and Jaylen Brown were rumored to be interested in playing together in college. These rumors appear to have been confirmed! Salivate, because no other school (not even Duke or Kentucky) can offer him the chance to play and start with fellow freshmen teammates he considers friends.

4) Cal is really intensifying their recruitment of Swanigan

So it sounds very much like Cal has Swanigan in their future plans, and will do what they can to get him to Cal. I'm not exactly sure what their plan is, but they appear to have one.

5) Kentucky has not been involved up to this point.

It's all Cal and Purdue at this point. No other schools like Kentucky, Arizona, Duke, or Chicago State have stepped up.

6) No decision is coming immediately. So this will keep. On. Going.

Aren't you excited for more of this?