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Cal football: What are the positives to take from spring practice?

Based on all the reports, what are the biggest positives you've taken from spring practice?

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

boomtho: First positive is IVAN RABB!!!!!

With that actually out of the way, I'll list out a few football positives in no particular order. First, our WR depth is somehow BETTER than I expected. Losing Harper hurts, but the emergence of guys like Jack Austin and Erik Brown can only bode well for the future. Second, I'm happy to read about the good play of DB Darius White. We'll certainly need more of that in the Fall! Last, I'm glad to read about Kragen looking healthy and explosive again. It was tough to get a read on Kragen given his bout with mono last year, so I'm glad to see he looks good!


Leland Wong: One great sight at the Spring Experience was at the end of a couple plays, Daniel Lasco would get off the field and immediately chat with the younger backs like Vic Enwere, coaching them up and giving them advice. It's nice to see the players working together and helping each other.

Gotta agree with boomtho and say the emergence of some players stepping up to fill in some big holes on our team. We're talking defense of course and the defensive line. The aforementioned Kragen's return will be an asset for the team, especially if he helps put pressure on the quarterback--thus taking pressure off our own DBs. Wake Forest transfer James Looney finally stepping on the field means we might get a difference maker on the D-line. He's been earning rave reviews all spring (and last year) and he'll be a sight to see--for his sweet hair, for being a big man wearing that #9, and hopefully for plugging up holes from his DT position.

Avinash Kunnath: The most encouraging signs from spring practice is the development of a true running back depth chart that gives the Bears three to four options based on down and distance. Daniel Lasco and Vic Enwere look like the feature backs for this season, with Lasco being the main option and Enwere hopefully bringing more power to the game. But there's also Tre Watson right behind them who can dash and dine, Khalfani Muhammad who can provide return game presence and an extra burst of speed, and Lonny Powell looks like he'll be a bruiser. Cal hasn't had that type of running back stability in a few years, and I can see the Bears running game catching up with the pass game to be one of the best in the country.