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Cal basketball currently holds 50/1 national championship odds


Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Crazy? Probably. But here stand the California Golden Bears with 50/1 odds in Vegas to win the national championship in 2015-16, according to Bovada.

So a team that didn't even make any postseason tournament of any sort is now at 50/1 odds? How?

Well, according to Lester Lee, the odds were 300/1 at the end of the season.

They went to 100/1 after the commitment of Ivan Rabb.

They dipped to 60/1 after Tyrone Wallace said he was going to return to Cal.

And with number one national recruit Jaylen Brown putting Cal in his top 5, the odds have dipped down even a little further.

Yeah. This is all kind of crazy. For some comparsion, Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State and North Carolina are currently the lowest odds at 10/1. Arizona stands at 20/1, Utah 40/1, and UCLA has dropped all the way to 100/1 (Stanford is a gloriously distant 300/1. All hail the two-time NIT champs!). That Cal is even close to being in the mix of being in the top 25 of hoops programs is slightly terrifying.

Here is the full list of team odds at Bovada. What are your thoughts on these odds for Cal? Too high? Too low?