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2015 NFL Draft: Will any Bears be drafted?

The 2015 NFL Draft is upon us. Will any Cal players get called?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure everyone's sick of the Winston/Mariota and Mariota/Eagles chat by now (even if the latter potentially involves Cal great Mychal Kendricks), but there's a more significant facet of 2015 NFL Draft talk to Cal fans: Will this be the first year there won't be a Golden Bear drafted since 1986?

Here's our list of draft-eligible players:

  • OL Chris Adcock
  • DL Austin Clark
  • OL Alejandro Crosthwaite
  • OL Donovan Frazer
  • FB Lucus Gingold
  • WR Chris Harper
  • QB Austin Hinder
  • K James Jangford
  • S Michael Lowe
  • LS John Sheperdson
  • DL Harrison Wilfley
  • WR Drake Whitehurst

Unfortunately, there aren't many players here getting NFL looks. Three-time All-Academic Pac-12 member Adcock is likely heading to med school rather than play at the next level just to make the rest of us feel bad for not becoming doctors after playing football at one of the top schools in the world. Crosthwaite, Langford, Lowe, Sheperdson, and Wilfley have some interest from NFL teams and participated at the 49ers Pro Day, but none of them seem to be projected to be drafted.

Our most likely candidate to be drafted is Harper who has met with teams like the Seahawks, but will his lack of visibility due to not being invited to the NFL Combine affect his stock? Harper's draft evaluations have been all over the place. At worst, he's been considered a 6th-round pick, a 7th-round pick/undrafted free agent, or's evaluation of having a "[b]etter-than-average chance to make NFL roster". On the other hand, some sources think he'll be an underrated steal.

Will the Golden Bears' streak of having players drafted since before I was born be snapped? Which members of this class will make it to the NFL and make teams regret passing on them?