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Pierre Ingram relieved of his duties

Onto the next one.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Cal officially fired Pierre Ingram today after he was busted in a prostitution sting. You can debate the ethics or morality of prostitution if you'd like, but Ingram got caught in an illegal act and will have to continue his career elsewhere. This situation was quickly dealt with by the Golden Bears, and they'll now have to recalibrate themselves to prepare for the 2016 season.

Sonny Dykes has a make-or-break season ahead of him. He might have to spend a good chunk of the offseason thinking about how he rearranges his coaching staff yet again. Sonny's original offensive braintrust that followed him to Berkeley from Louisiana Tech now consists of offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach/running backs coach Tony Franklin, special teams coordinator Mark Tommerdahl and strength and conditioning coach Damon Harrington.

The big question is who will take Ingram's shoes? Will Cal promote the promising Jacob Peeler another rung after he got hired to be the inside receivers coach this season? Will Cal look at current assistant and former Golden Bear Burl Toler III and promote him to regular receiving coaching duties? Or will there be another crazy reshuffling that saw several position coaches take on new responsibilities?

Time shall tell.