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Is Aaron Rodgers rooting for Wisconsin hoops okay or not okay in your book?

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What are your thoughts on Aaron Rodgers rooting for Wisconsin hoops (but not wearing red)? Does this please you, displease you, or are you indifferent?

atomsareenough: Zero bothers given.

Leland Wong: Supporting Cal and supporting Wisconsin are not mutually exclusive. The fact that he won't wear red for them shows that he's still a Bear at heart, so I have no problem with him rooting for and liking the local team. Now, if Cal MBB ever faces Wisconsin and he's on their sideline, then we might have a different story.

Ruey Yen: I guess we don't know if Aaron Rodgers was supporting Cal or Wisconsin during the two recent matchups (2012 and 2014) between the two schools in MBB. He probably knows the Badgers player better at that point, but (I would like to believe) that he was going to playfully rob it in had the Bears pull off the win. Cal Volleyball also went to Wisconsin and faced the Badgers in the NCAA Tournament a couple of seasons ago (that was during the NFL season so I can understand why Rodgers didn't openly support either school for that event...I have read that Rodgers' support of the Badgers does go beyond just men's basketball and football).

Anyhow, I'm indifferent about this whole thing since Rodgers is not wearing Wisconsin gear nor red. Now if he does finish his bachelor degree in Madison during the offseason and then start saying "Wisconsin" on National TV...I would be very sad.

TwistNHook: Well, this is part of the process of the death of the sports media.  I wrote a post about this several years ago, which I cannot find at the moment.  Basically, it was about how sports media is in the process of dying (like most media) and how the sports journalists were dealing extremely poorly with this process.  Here, you have a guy basically trying to home turf Aaron Rodgers.  "Why should he be there when I cannot be there????"  It is a power struggle and the big boys are trying to hold on to their last shreds of powers any way that they can.  Doddsie there was roundly mocked for his stupidity and another nail is pounded into their coffins.

LeonPowe: As long as he doesn't root for Wisconsin over Cal, it doesn't matter to me. I'd daresay many college sports fans may have a second or third team they'd like to do well.

Sam Fielder: I love it. Rodgers has cultivated relationships with the players on the team and is there to support them, which is exactly what he ought to be doing. He's got the right attitude about it, he's having a great time, and he's taking time to mentor these young men which is exactly what I'd expect out of a classy Golden Bear. This is great.

HydroTech: I don't care that Aaron Rodgers was rooting for Wisconsin hoops.  Just because he went to Cal doesn't mean he can't root for another college basketball team too (especially when Cal wasn't even in the tournament).  I do really like how he didn't wear red though.  That decision seemed to be strategic, as evidenced by this tweet.

Trace Travers: I'm glad Aaron Rodgers doesn't wear red. I hope he'll come back to Cal at some point and do something, but he has been living in Wisconsin for a while, so he might as well support the teams there.

boomtho: Aaron can support whoever he wants. Sucks he's not seemingly more tied to the Cal 'cause', but who doesn't want to root for a winner, especially one where he's lived for a while? I have no problem with this.