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WATCH: Cal football spring game experience video

What did Sonny and company have to say about Saturday's practice?

Sonny Dykes had these few things to say from spring practice. (HT Jeff Faraudo)

On spring game objectives: "We tried to make it as fan-friendly as possible but the important thing is to get work done and take care of our players, and I thought we accomplished that, I thought we certainly accomplished our goals. We stayed healthy [and] we got things on tape that we can improve on … From that standpoint I thought it was a really good day. I think people who came enjoyed it."

On the defense: "I think it was good for it to happen like it happened today. To me, the last three or four practices, our defense was a different unit than it was the first 10. I was very encouraged by the number of plays the defense made; it was good to see us take the next step."

On the spring experience: "I think spring games are what they are; people don't just come for the football. They come to enjoy interacting with the players. We tried to make it as fan-friendly as possible, but the important thing was get work done, take care of our players. I thought we accomplished that."

"You want to win when you're playing against them but when they make plays you're not too disappointed." Goff is a big fan of Darius White as a big part of why the defense is much improved.

"It wasn't practice, it wasn't a game, it was a little weird."

"The schedule was weird. (I thought) we're just going to put the ball out here and start playing. I guess in the end it was all good." ~Lasco on spring practice

Lasco & Goff's interaction: "I don’t think we were executing enough. I talked to Jared and he kind of calmed me down. He was like 'You have to understand the script is very weird, and we don’t usually do this in games.’ Me being a hothead, I was like, 'No man, this isn’t how this is supposed to be. We have to fix this."

"I came in with the mindset if they moved me to defense 100 percent, I'm on the field playing defense. If they want to play me both ways, I'll play both ways. " ~Luke Rubenzer

"Right now he's a defensive back, we will prepare him with that in mind - he will start that way in August." ~Dykes on Rubenzer.

Rubenzer on spring experience: "I talked to my parents after the game, and they kind of agreed with me. They thought it was going to be more like a live scrimmage. It was more 7 on 7." (HT Mike Vernon)