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Cal Football 2015 Spring Practice: April 15th Report

Last open practice before the Spring Game. Let's see what they worked on and fine-tuned.

He Got It. We Good.
He Got It. We Good.
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

No Shells. No Pads. Just Helmets. White Jerseys. Blue Jerseys. Yellow Jerseys. One Red Jersey. All that's left is the Spring Game on Saturday. Lets see what the team got done on wednesday!

  • The first 30 minutes of practice was dedicated to stretching and 1-on-1 positional work. There was not much note here as most of the drill was on fundamentals such as route running, hand positioning, moment around defenders, pass rush movement, etc.
  • The team then moved onto a simple 7-on-7 drill again with running the uptempo.
  • Lonny Powell had a great catch over the middle, running crossing routes, he got a great pick set for him and the trailing defender stumbled giving him acres of space to catch and run for a good 15 yards.
  • Trevor Davis caught a TD pass from Jared Goff on a streak route. Jared threw it perfectly for Trevor to catch on a full extension.
  • Ray Hudson barely missed on a Down-and-Out route, jumping to get his hands on it but comes off his hands. Jared Goff threw it perfectly into that space out of the defenders reach.
  • Hamilton A'noi had a good PBU as well. Ball came flying over the middle and he had great reflexes and reach to tip it up into the air. No one got to the tipped ball.
  • Chase Forrest threw a ball behind Trevor Davis, which he tried to make a play on. Instead, the ball got tipped into the air which Devante Downs ripped out of the air and would've taken for a Pick-6.
  • Maurice Harris also did Maurice Harris things with a great tip-toe grab around the 5 yard line. Great play on the ball thrown by Chase Forrest.
  • Chase Forrest then threw 2 consecutive TDs. One to Lonny Powell over the middle of the field. Another to Trevor Davis on the far left of the end zone.
  • Kenny Lawler made a great catch on a post route. Jared Goff threw it in from about 25 yards out.
  • *Play Of The Day* Manny Harris makes a grab over his defenders head on the sidelines. Full Extension. Way above what the defender was expecting. Jared Goff threw it perfectly into the height, which he knew only Harris could grab.
  • Jared Goff threw a TD grab to Darius Powe on a deep corner route.
  • Jared Goff went 8 Completions on 8 Attempts with 2 TDs on his final go-around at 7-on-7.
  • The practice then went on to position specific drills.
  • WRs/DBs/QBs went to work on 1-on-1 High Point (Hail Mary) throws/catches.
  • O-Line and D-Line went to work on recovering fumbles.
  • LBs/RBs went to work on standing tackles and ball-stripping.
  • The groups then rotated every session. Except the O-Line and D-Line just changed the situations for fumble recovery from backfield to a bad snap.
  • QBs worked on recovering from a fumble/bad snap and getting their feet set to throw.
  • Noah Beito then proceeded to kick 2 booming punts to end practice. (Great kicks by the way. Could use a little more air, but a solid 45/50)
  • Some quick after practice notes: O-Line walked through different slides and protections against each other. Coach Jones kept mixing up the line to see what might work well. Jeffery Coprich ran some seam and fade routes, at full speed, with Forrest throwing to him. He looks like he wants to get started. Joel Willis also was walking around without a brace, he definetly looks like he can't wait to get out there in the fall.

That's all from Wednesday's practice. Be sure to come check out the Spring Game at Memorial Stadium on April 18th, 2015. And I'll leave you with who Cal Athletics thinks are the break out stars this spring. California Love!