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Unveiling the 2015 California Golden Blogs Hall of Fame Bracket!

64 will enter, 5 will emerge. Welcome to the annual CGB Hall of Fame Tournament.

Are you as surprised as I am that neither of these entrants ever makes it past the second round?
Are you as surprised as I am that neither of these entrants ever makes it past the second round?
Mike Tedesco-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to all of you who submitted nominations and voted in our nominations post. Your hard work sets up an extensive series of posts that will help us get through this long offseason. We sorted the nominees by number of recs and gathered the top 64 nominees. We assigned seeds based on number of recs, with higher seeds earning more recs. Today we unveil the bracket for the 2015 CGB Hall of Fame tournament! The 64 nominees will battle for five spots in the Hall of Fame. The winner of each region gets an induction, as does a wild card (which we draw from those who make it into Sweet 16).

Starting this weekend and continuing over the next couple months, we will post four matchups each week until the dust has settled and our new Hall of Famers emerge. Now let's take a look at each region.

Pete Newell Region

Justin Forsett climbs from a 7-seed last year to gain one of the top seeds this year.  Can he ride the momentum from his recent contract extension into a place in our Hall of Fame?


Forsett will face tough competition in the first round from Jerome Randle, who was a 1-seed last year.   I'd keep an eye on that first-round matchup between Oski and Geoff MacArthur; we may have an upset brewing.

Pappy Waldorf Region

Coach Teri McKeever recently earned her fourth national championship during the last seven years, but she has not yet been invited to the Hall of Fame.  Is this her year to be inducted?


There are three Mikes (okay, two Mikes and one Mychal) in this region--will one of them win this region and secure a place in our Hall of Fame?

Joe Kapp Region

Jahvid Best is a 1-seed for the third consecutive year.  He has eluded our Hall of Fame, like he has eluded so many Pac-10 linebackers.  Will he finally break through this year?


Last year Best was upset by 16-seed Lamond Murray in the first round.  If he makes it to the second round and faces Lindsay Gottlieb, I wouldn't be surprised to see our superstar women's basketball coach upset Best.  The 2-15 matchup is particularly intriguing here.  Every year DeSean Jackson is a 1- or 2-seed and he is always upset in the first couple rounds.  Last year Cobbs rode the momentum of his senior season to a 1-seed.  Can he become the second consecutive 15-seed to upset DeSean?

Brick Mueller Region

Our Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin has broken countless records at Cal and helped lead her team to a national championship this season.  It seems like the CGB HoF is the only honor missing from her resume.


With entrants like Shane Vereen and Rope Coach, this region is full of fan favorites.  It will be a tough road for the contender who wins this region and earns a place in the Hall of Fame.

Finally, we have the entire bracket below.


This should be an exciting tournament and it will help us get through the doldrums of summer.  Who do you think has the best shot of earning a Hall of Fame bid?  Who is most likely to be upset?

We'll start the tournament tomorrow with our first two matchups.  Tune in then and cast your votes!