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Cal football recruiting: Damian Alloway nearly committed to Cal last week, summer decision likely

Just Cal things.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Hey! Remember when I said four-star Rancho Cucamonga (Ca.) athlete Damian Alloway not immediately committing last week was the best thing in the whole world? Because he probably would've ended up at UCLA and it might have been a tough dealio for Cal to flip him?

My bad. Turns out it's the totally exact opposite. Alloway was on the verge of committing to Cal last Monday but decided he needed more time. You can watch the video, where Alloway says he felt like it was too early to make a decision. Alloway is now aiming for the summer time.

Still, plenty of good stuff there. Alloway does seem to favor the Bears, although it seems like he's ready to give UCLA a chance. Cal appears to be leading, but the Bruins are trying to provide the local sway. And Alloway wants big powers on him, like Oregon, USC and Notre Dame. This feels like a long, drawn out recruitment.

On the flip side, with his Ground Zero teammates already becoming UCLA pledges on a widescale basis (Krys Barnes, Lokeni Toailoa, Demetric Felton), you have to figure that his peers might swing him toward Westwood. This will be an ongoing battle between Cal and UCLA (and additional offers could definitely throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings), we'll just have to hope that big brother wins out.