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Cal WBB vs. Stanford: Championship Gamethread

When it's Cal vs. Stanford, everything else fades to the background.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

When: 6:00

You know the drill. Cal has already played Stanford twice this year, and if you need to know more about them you can read the preview I wrote up prior to their first encounter. Stanford is a great shooting team with a bunch of role players who know what to do and are brilliantly coached. They don't have quite the same level of overwhelming physical and athletic talent that they have had in the past, but they are still very good.

Cal knows how to beat them. The biggest key to this game will be sheer effort. Both teams have already played two games in two days. Cal in particular is not deep and did not use the bench. The Bears will have to dig deep. Shots might not fall the way we might otherwise hope. If so, Cal will need to rely on defense, on rebounding, on turnovers and loose balls and force of will.

I think that a team led by Brittany Boyd and Reshanda Gray will do well when they need sheer force of will.

This is a conference championship game against Stanford. What could be more fun? Let's make it happen, Bears.