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Cal WBB at Washington: Pac-12 Tournament gamethread

It's a game Cal likely needs to win if they want to host NCAA tournament games in March.

Can the Bears take down Kelsey Plum and the Huskies in Seattle?
Can the Bears take down Kelsey Plum and the Huskies in Seattle?
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When: 8:30 pm
TV: Pac-12 Network

The Bears face Washington for the 3rd time this year, with a trip to the Pac-12 semi-finals on the line. And the obvious question is: Will this game be more like the game on January 11th in Seattle, or the game on January 31st in Berkeley?

In Game 1, Cal couldn't slow down UW's offense and the Huskies won a wild shoot out, 79-77. In Game 2, Cal broke out the 1-3-1 zone for the first time all year, and UW had no answer in an 82-58 romp.

Quick Keys to the Game

1. UW offense vs. Cal defense chess match - Cal destroyed UW with the 1-3-1 in Berkeley, so: Does Cal stick with the defense that helped earn a dominating win? Will UW come in better prepared for the odd defense? Will Cal throw something entirely new at the Huskies?

2. Depth and fouls: Cal and UW are the two most shallow rosters in the conference by a pretty wide margin. Will that lack of depth be an issue for Washington playing their 2nd game in two days vs. a fresh Cal? And if the refs call this game tightly, which team will be in deeper trouble? Probably Cal, because Cal's key players are more foul prone that UW's key players.

3. Stop UW's secondary players: Plum will get her points. but Jazmine Davis and Talia Walton can be contained. Aminah Williams and Brianna Ruiz should be contained. It's time to use all of that length and athleticism to its maximum by getting out on shooters relentlessly, no matter what type of defense the Bears are running.