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Jaylen Brown recruiting: Discusses Cal visit, appears to be favoring Michigan


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With all eyes on Ivan Rabb, Jaylen Brown was not even on the radar for many Cal basketball recruitniks last weekend, but one of the nation's top five prospects for 2015 took a visit to Berkeley last week that shocked everyone. Now he appears very much to be talking about Cal as a legitimate spot for him to take.

Evan Daniels of Scout has the exclusive on Brown from Chicago at the McDonald's All-American Game, who has been pretty mum on his recruitment up until now.

You recently visited California, where did that visit come from?
With Cal, I put a lot of schools on my list late that are really good educational wise like North Carolina. They came in late.

What has Cal’s pitch been to you?
The same as everybody else. It’s mostly about education and things like that. Berkeley is definitely known for education. But it’s the same for everybody else. Everybody else has their own spin on things and how they want you to come to their school. It’s pretty much the same as everything else.

It's nice to see that Cal is in the mix, but there is stiff competition. Brown has a lot of bluebloods in the mix, and that's not even including Michigan, who appear to be the team in front at this point.

Michigan, I have a lot of family. I’m based in Michigan so I could deflect a lot of stuff because my family is there, so Michigan is definitely going to be in the front runner of things. Talking to Coach Beilein, he’s like an offensive genius the way he gets these guys that aren’t really ranked high to be lottery picks in the draft is amazing. It’s definitely something that drew my attention. Also Michigan is a great education school. They have one of the top public universities in America with Cal-Berkeley, UCLA and North Carolina.

Other schools in the mix include Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina. With Cal trying to get Brown, Rabb, and Caleb Swanigan, and all three of them in Chicago this weekend, we're watching.

We will have a more detailed scouting report on Brown tomorrow. For now, enjoy the reel!