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Top Dog bracket: (7) Garlic frankfurter vs. (10) Wienie

Who ya got?

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Garlic Frankfurter

LeonPowe: Who doesn't like garlic? Vampires and other evil doers, that's who. This dog is buried on the menu, and yet really nice snap and garlic flavor which isn't overpowering. (also endorsed by Berkelium97)

LEastCoastBears: the "German" Frankfurter has apparently been renamed "Garlic" Frankfurter. Pretty sure it's the same dog...the Top Dog website calls it German Frankfurter, by the way.


People voted for the weinie, but no one endorsed it openly. Will this silent dog pull off a sleeper upset despite no tacit approval from anyone?

For those curious about the overall bracket,

First round byes

(1) Hot Link
(2) Calabrese
(3) Chicken Apple
(4) Kielbasa

First round matchups

(5) Top Dog vs. (12) Linguica/(13) Bird Dog winner
(6) Bockwurst vs. (11) Mango Habanero
(7) Garlic Frankfurter vs. (10) Weinie
(8) Bratwurst vs. (9) Lemon Chicken

Vote now! Voting closes two days after this post is published!