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The worst Cal football games of the 2014 season

Just getting these out of the way. Memory dump!

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Honorable mention. Oregon 52, Cal 41.

I mean, it's a loss, but it doesn't really feel like one though. Until Ohio State built a Decepticon as their third string quarterback, this was the most anyone scored on that fierce Duck defense all season. Big ups.

6. UCLA 36, Cal 34.

Only annoying because Rios didn't possess. Still, we were lucky to be in this game. Jared Goff was off, the Cal offense struggled to move the ball all game, UCLA piled up ten thousand yards, we lose most of the times we play this games by two touchdowns. But the Bruins being the Bruins in Berkeley, they tried to hand us this game over and over. It was frustrating to have a winnable game.

5. USC 38, Cal 30.

Doesn't hurt as much each year since you kind of expect it. Cal has been BRUTAL in the first half against USC the last seven years. But it's kind of baffling that Cal can play this badly in the first half, then the Bears can comeback and be an onside kick away from a potential game-tying drive. Cal has the potential to beat USC if they don't psych themselves out. They're only going to play so many vulnerable incarnations of the Trojans.

4. BYU 42, Cal 35.

This game was stupid. It was stupid and it got stupider and then we were all brainless. Giving up 433 yards and five touchdowns to a backup quarterback at home is just asinine. Don't even care that it's Thanksgiving week and half the stadium is empty. You have to win that game. But I guess the Bears were just out of gas on both sides after the furious start to the season.  Lost opportunity though.

3. Washington 31, Cal 7.

The self-inflicted loss. I don't know if we beat Washington 50% of the time, but I sure know as hell we don't lose by 24 more than a handful of times. This wasn't much a football game as the Bears spending three hours punching themselves in the face. Very disappointing effort in a game Cal should have had, but that's what happens when we read our headlines a little too much.

2. Stanford 38, Cal 17.

Michael Lowe gets ejected on a B.S. call. Cal touchdowns get overturned on three consecutive plays. Sweet little innocent Furd gets called for four penalties, as opposed to 12 penalties for 113 yards for Cal.  We didn't play well enough to win, but this is one of those losses that makes your blood boil everytime you think about it. Give us the chance to lose on our own!

1. Arizona 49, Cal 45.

Hey, want to feel what it's like to get burned alive? Go rewatch this fourth quarter and prepare for an overnight trip to the ICU. Cal had this game won about ten to fifteen times in the span of a half-an-hour and found a way to un-win it eleven to sixteen more. This is a truly special way to lose, even for Cal.

Disclaimer: I have yet to watch a single second of this game (so you all can hate me forever), but just reading the recaps and collective responses gave me a headache from a cramped Seoul hotel. Now THAT is pain in its purest form.

Next time: The best Cal football wins of the year.

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