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Cal football: Vic Enwere, Daniel Lasco & more strength & conditioning updates

Bears getting ready to maul.

Cal strength & conditioning
Cal strength & conditioning
Cal Bear Strength

We have no players at the NFL Combine, so why not check out how the Cal football players are doing in their strength and conditioning before spring practice starts?

Damon Harrington has taken over proceedings in the past year and a half, and based on how some players are performing in practice, it looks like an immediate impact is being made. The offensive players made huge leaps after one year of conditioning with Harrington, and I expect this season we should see some leaps with some of our newest contributors, both on offense and defense. (And an additional leap from our regular players couldn't hurt either!)

Take a look at the speed upgrade.

Running back Daniel Lasco is going as high as possible.

Running back Vic Enwere is making leaps. Enwere is posting a 38 inch vertical, which would have been the sixth highest among all NFL players at the Combine.

315 with ease #testweek #calgang !!!!

A video posted by "Slickk" *Mo City,TX* .19 (@a1_pericoo) on

Enwere isn't done either. Check out his 315 pound clean and jerk by clicking here.

Not to be outdone by Enwere, cornerback Darius Allensworth posted a 39 inch vertical. Agility rising!

Jumpin Like Jordan #39inchVert Video Cred to @trevor9davis

A video posted by Darius Allensworth⚡ (@2dnice) on

Wide receiver Trevor Davis is getting his plyometrics game on. Who's ready for some more vertical leaping in the end zone for trash can touchdown drills?

Davis sounds like he posted one of the fastest 40 times as well with a 4.4.

Defensive end Kyle Kragen also has made rapid changes. Kragen lost 25 pounds last spring due to mononucleosis and had to redshirt as he rebuilt his physical stature.

Now? He's cleaning and jerking 375 pounds. Oh man. He looks built.

Defensive back Stefan McClure is building up that muscle mass too.

And it's not just the Cal football players who are hard at work. Check out recent Cal signee Cameron Saffle.

Training is well underway.

Just over six months to go until opening day.