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2015 NCAA Tournament: Schedule and viewing thread for the first half of Sweet Sixteen action

The madness marches on and the Sweet Sixteen begins.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

March Madness has whittled down the number of dancing teams to sixteen. If you wanted to come up with a cutesy nickname for these teams, you could call these sixteen teams... super. These Super Sixteen will do battle over the next two days. Here's your viewing thread to discuss the action from the first half!

Check out this updated bracket from our SBNation overlords.

Region Game Time (PT) Channel
Midwest (3) Notre Dame vs. (7) Wichita State 4:15 p.m. CBS
West (1) Wisconsin vs. (4) North Carolina 4:47 p.m. TBS
Midwest (1) Kentucky vs. (5) West Virginia 6:45 p.m. CBS
West (6) Xavier vs. (2) Arizona 7:17 p.m. TBS