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Cal football recruiting: Damian Alloway postpones decision, Cal or UCLA leading pack


Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

In a bit of a surprise (and potential good fortune for the Bears), Damian Alloway will be backtracking on making a decision. The four-star Rancho Cucamonga (Ca.) athlete is still pondering what to do, and it seemed like he was ready to make an early commitment along with his other Ground Zero folks. Ryan Bartow of 247Sports has more.

He was slated to announce at 7 PM PST at the Athletic Republic in Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.).

Alloway plans to push back his decision timeline.

"I'm going to visit some campuses in the spring and commit in the summer," Alloway said.

Alloway has seven verbal offers.

"Cal and UCLA are neck-to-neck," Alloway said. "I'm still wide open. I want to visit Cal, UCLA, Oregon and Notre Dame."

I think this decision to postpone should make Cal feel good that they're in the race, although the allure of Oregon and Notre Dame and the local Bruin favorites will be in contention. All early signs pointed to Alloway becoming a UCLA Bruin, because his teammates Demetric Felton and Lokeni Toailoa are also making decisions too, with Toailoa favoring the Bruins. So postpostining the decision should give the Bears better leeway.

Let's take a look at Alloway's scouting tape.

The first thing is the speed. Alloway burns in the open field, pretty much leaving treadmarks the moment he slips defenders. Alloway could be an outstanding returner for whatever team gets him, because if he gets past his first man, he is gone. Defenders are giving up HALFWAY through Alloway's run. That's a lot of confidence.

The second thing is the versatility. Alloway seems to be handling responsibilities of a TZR-type back who can run out of the slot or be handed off the ball in motion. He can catch passes by just outracing the cornerback and stretching defenses out.

The third thing is the ability. Alloway can play both offense and defense and might be a two-way player. Although it's clear his best talent lies on the offensive side of the football, he looks like a capable defensive back and can tackle, hit guys, and make sense.

Alloway is definitely a high priority recruit for Cal. Getting these talents are what will kick the Bear Raid up even a further gear.