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Cal football recruiting: Demetric Felton deciding between Cal, UCLA, Washington Monday night

Where will he go?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Three star Temecula (Ca.) athlete Demetric Felton is set to make a decision with some of his teammates at Ground Zero 7-on-7. Felton will be deciding between Cal, Washington and UCLA.

At the moment, Cal seems to have a lot of ground to make up to try and get there. Felton has been getting the hot press from UCLA and Washington and I expect Felton to pick one of those schools. It is nice for Felton to put Cal in the decision-making process though; it's good to see the Bears back in the mix for major recruits.

Let's check out the scouting report from Felton.

Felton looks like a dangerous running back at the next level. He has fluid hips, is great at changing direction, and knows how to accelerate once he gets past the first wave of defense. On the right team, he could be a significantly dynamic threat.

We'll have an update on one of the other teammates tomorrow, where the Bears might have a better shot.