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Open thread: March Madness's Round of 32

Yay basketball! How's your bracket holding up?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The madness beats on! The 32 teams still alive in the NCAA Tournament do battle this weekend and here's your thread to discuss the crazy upsets and lament the losses of your brackets.

Saturday, March 21
Region Game Time (PT) Channel
South No.14 UAB vs. No.11 UCLA 9:10 a.m. CBS
Midwest No.8 Cincinnati vs. No.1 Kentucky 11:40 a.m. CBS
West No.10 Ohio St. vs. No.2 Arizona 2:15 p.m. CBS
West No.14 Georgia St. vs. No.6 Xavier 3:10 p.m. TNT
East No.8 NC State vs. No.1 Villanova 4:10 p.m. TBS
South No.5 Utah vs. No.4 Georgetown 4:45 p.m. CBS
West No.5 Arkansas vs. No.4 N. Carolina 5:40 p.m. TNT
Midwest No.6 Butler vs. No.3 Notre Dame 6:40 p.m. TBS
Sunday, March 22
Region Game Time (PT) Channel
East No.7 Michigan St. vs. No.2 Virginia 9:10 a.m. CBS
South No.8 San Diego St vs. No.1 Duke 11:40 a.m. CBS
Midwest No.7 Wichita St. vs. No.2 Kansas 2:15 p.m. CBS
East No. 11 Dayton vs. No. 3 Oklahoma 3:10 p.m. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
South No.7 Iowa vs. No.2 Gonzaga 4:10 p.m. TBS
West No.8 Oregon vs. No.1 Wisconsin 4:45 p.m. truTV
Midwest No.5 W. Virginia vs. No.4 Maryland 5:40 p.m. TNT
East No.5 N. Iowa vs. No.4 Louisville 6:40 p.m. TBS

I don't know why that leftmost "Region" column won't center-align, but I've wasted more than enough of my life trying in vain to figure out this dumb SBN editor.