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Cal Pro Day 2015

Not many Cal Bears headed to the NFL this year. Regardless, 29 of the 32 Franchises were on hand to watch!

Next Level
Next Level
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

6 Bears participated today in running drills and measurements. Here's a recap of what happened!

The day started with measurements, such as hand size, height, wingspan, etc. Also the broad jump, vertical jump and bench press were measured as well.  All of this happened in the Simpson Center which was not open to the public.

Some measurements of note (Per :
  • Chris Harper registers a 35.0" Vertical Jump
  • Chris Harper registers a 120.0" Broad Jump
  • Alejandro Crosthwaite benches 225 lbs, a personal best of 27 times. Said he, "lost track of counting."
  • John Sheperdson had a 33" Vertical

The second half of the Pro Day happened on Kabam Field. Players participated in the 40-Yard dash, Shuttle Run, 3 Cone Drill, and position based drills. Here are my notes and times recorded from the drills:
  • In the 40-Yard Dash, Harper posted a 4.42 according to him, which he told other Cal Players. My best time recorded for him was 4.48. According to Harper's lowest registered time was 4.49.
  • Michael Lowe ran a 4.64. Wilfley ran a 4.94.
  • According to, Harper also registered around 6.9 seconds in the 3 Cone Drill.
  • Chris Harper also ran some simple route drills, which included, 10/20 Down-In, Curls, Stop-n-Go's, Down-Outs, and Streak routes. From my count, he only dropped 2 balls. Routes were crisp, and he did not lose any speed going into turns and cuts. All the scouts definitely were interested in what Chris had in his skill set. Chris was actually faster than the nameless QB who was throwing for them today. He ran to where the ball was placed at before the ball had even arrived. Of course, goes without saying, he's used to Jared Goff throwing him faster and deeper passes.
  • Michael Lowe had a good Pro Day as well. He was not able to show off his hard hitting ability, but had a chance for his ball skills on short routes over the middle and also recovery on fade routes. Lowe had some initial trouble understanding what the scout wanted him to do, but once he was in the groove, there was no stopping him. Lowe impressed with his fluid hips and ability to rake in the long pass.
  • Vicenzo D'Amato and James Langford also had great days kicking the ball. They hit everything within the 35 yard line. They were also ambitious in kicking from 45/50 yard line, and had the distance, just not the right direction. Both actually hit the upright on attempts from that distance as well.
Some Fun Notes of Pro Day:
  • Richard Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers was on hand to watch his former teammates run.
  • Former Bears, Freddie Tagaloa and Brennan Scarlett were also on hand to support their former teammates.
  • Upon seeing Brennan Scarlett, Michael Lowe said, "Are you allowed to be here? You can't be out here!! Security!!"
  • The Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks scouts, talked to Harper and his family following practice.
  • Most of the team was out on the field to support their teammates, but some players of note that were missing was Jared Goff and Kenny Lawler. (Lawler, I saw walking up to the stadium from campus after it was over).
  • A few players who were not apart of Cal was also on hand to run their Pro Day, but was unable to find out who they were.
  • Few scouts were talking amongst each other on their way out, and the name Jared Goff came up. Safe to say, scouts know who he is.

Overall, was a great day, and most of the team on hand were players that would be doing their own Pro Day next season. Excited for the Bears on the next chapter of their lives, but also sad to see them leave.

Go Bears!