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Top Dog bracket: (8) Bratwurst vs. (9) Lemon Chicken

Who will move on?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The winner goes on to face the number one seed, Hot Link!

Here are some sample opinions from our CGB team of experts.

Me! Bratwurst. I went to Austria once and I think this is similar to what it tasted like. Then again, you can order beer in Austria, which is Top Dog's fatal flaw.


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daveman: Lemon Chicken – for when you don’t want pork or beef

Lemon chicken dog

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For those curious about the overall bracket,

First round byes

(1) Hot Link
(2) Calabrese
(3) Chicken Apple
(4) Kielbasa

First round matchups

(5) Top Dog vs. (12) Linguica/(13) Bird Dog winner
(6) Bockwurst vs. (11) Mango Habanero
(7) Garlic Frankfurter vs. (10) Weinie
(8) Bratwurst vs. (9) Lemon Chicken

Vote now! Voting closes two days after this post is published!