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Top Dog bracket: Linguica vs. Bird Dog play-in

No tournament for Cal? No problem!

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

There will be no NCAA tournament for Cal for the second straight year, but never to fear! CGB has more important things to worry about, like figuring out what the best Top Dog is.

Here are your first matchups based on polling from last November!

First round byes

(1) Hot Link
(2) Calabrese
(3) Chicken Apple
(4) Kielbasa

First round matchups

(5) Top Dog vs. play-in game
(6) Bockwurst vs. (11) Mango Habanero
(7) Garlic Frankfurter vs. (10) Weinie
(8) Bratwurst vs. (9) Lemon Chicken

Today is your play-in!

(12) Linguica vs. (13) Bird Dog

Cases for linguica: People underrate these Portuguese pork. This stuff is amazing. But it might be just one of those things where it's everyone's fifth most popular option.

Cases for the bird dog: The sentimental vote will never let us forget this delicious pound of turkey. The bird is gone, but we have not forgotten. We will never forget you.

Vote now (polling closes two days after this post gets published)!