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The Scarlett Letter: Brennan Scarlett releases statement on Stanford transfer

What are your thoughts Cal fans?

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Brennan Scarlett officially announced his transfer to the Stanford Cardinal in the San Francisco Chronicle. Scarlett will graduate this spring and then head on over to the Farm this fall to start on his graduate program in Palo Alto. Below is his full statement, along with messages from his Twitter and Instagram account.

Thank you for four amazing years! It has been an incredible journey.

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Brennan Scarlett statement

Obviously, it won't be very easy for Cal fans to reconcile the idea of a senior team captain making the move down to the Farm, but it's clear from the intent of this statement that this is more of an academic decision than an athletic one. As most Cal graduates can attest to, career moves are important, and getting this degree from Stanford to pair with his Haas Business School degree will go a long way for Scarlett.

What do you think Cal fans? Sound off in the comments!