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Brennan Scarlett transfers to Stanford


Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Wow. Faraudo:

Cal will not stand in Brennan Scarlett's way of transferring to play his senior football season at rival Stanford, interim athletic director Michael Williams said Tuesday.

"Cal athletics will support Brennan's request," Williams wrote in an email reply to questions from this newspaper

When do Cal players transfer to play for Stanford? Does it ever happen? So odd.

This is just the sort of thing that shouldn't happen. Brennan was a team captain. I know his brother Cameron enrolled at Stanford this year and they'll get to play together for a year, but really?  The Furd?

Man. I guess Brennan has to do what's best for Brennan, and a Stanford grad program will do wonders for his academic role, but this is just hard to wrap my head around. If Scarlett could get into the Stanford grad program, it's hard for me to see him not being equally capable of being accepted into an equivalent Cal program.

Stanford does need defensive ends. Scarlett will fulfill a huge area of need for the Cardinal if he's healthy.

I'm not even remotely ready to talk about this. Welcome to the cold world of college football free agency.

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