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Cal football recruiting: Keith Washington puts Michigan on table for National Signing Day

Bears or Wolverines?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

I'm tired. When will Thursday get here?

California Golden Bears commit Keith Washington has been a Bear for a week. Now he's putting the fighting Harbaughs on the table for his National Signing Day announcement.

This is frustrating. Washington hasn't even visited Michigan to the best of our knowledge and has had a Wolverine offer for a week. It doesn't really add up that he would pick Michigan, but who knows. Jim Harbaugh is a charismatic recruiter; just look at all the annoying Trees we've had to deal with the past half-decade.

One of two explanations for this.

1) Washington wants to add some last minute drama to the festivities and give himself a chance to throw a National Signing Day party. He only committed to Cal a week ago so it isn't like this has been a longstanding decision. There's a very good chance Washington is firmly a Bear tomorrow afternoon.

2) HAIL TO THE VICTORS VALIANT, HAIL TO THE CONQUERING HEROES. That Michigan offer is still probably one of the five most prestigious you can get in the country, and the possibility of playing for Jim Harbaugh ended up being too sweet for Washington to pass up.

Ugh. Can't wait for this to be over.