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Cal football recruiting: Luc Bequette decides between Cal & Florida on National Signing Day


Johannes Simon/Getty Images

After being committed to the California Golden Bears for nearly half a year, Little Rock (Ark.) defensive tackle Luc Bequette appears to have softened his verbal after an official to Gainesville. Bequette will make an official decision on National Signing Day between Cal and Florida.

This just feels like bad news.

Most recruits do not put a school back on the table without an offer (Bequette still does not have one from the Gators), so it all really depends on whether the Gators decide to give him an offer or not. I have to presume that if Florida extends its hand, Luc will take it and officially flip. That would leave Cal with no defensive tackles in this recruiting class, and the Bears can use all the help up front they can get. So we pretty much have to hope Bequette does not get a Florida offer if we hope to keep him.

Wonderful. Can't wait for signing day!