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Cal football has 20:1 odds to win the Pac-12. Make the bet or leave it?

Let's take a quick look here.

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Old news, but let's break down these odds for discussion purposes.

Oregon +200 (2:1 odds): Sounds about right. With Vernon Adams now likely to win the job, Oregon has solved their only huge concern. Their team was so banged up last season that almost everyone behind them on the two deep got plenty of experience and still came close to a title. I don't see why the Ducks can't do it again--they've lost stars before and the system has proven its robustness.

UCLA +450 (4.5:1 odds): Name the last true freshman quarterback to lead a team to a Pac-12 championship (unless you're on the Jerry Neuheisel bandwagon, which would be fun). Aside from losing Hundley, these are decent odds if you're a Bruin believer--UCLA will have the best talent in the conference at almost every defensive position, and are returning pretty much everyone but Hundley from a ten win offense.

USC +450: USC is already becoming the dark horse media playoff darling for no real reason whatsover. The Trojans lost a lot of talent and are going to be relying on a lot of underclassmen to fill up their two deep. They could win the Pac-12, but the South is treacherous and pretty unpredictable. These odds are decent right now, but I doubt they'll stay this way.

Arizona +550: These odds feel right and I'm tempted to take them. Rich Rod is my favorite gameday coach and the Wildcats aren't losing all that much talent. They'll be breaking in new secondary talent but already have an established quarterback and running back who operated a solid Pac-12 offense.

Arizona State +600: Todd Graham hit the recruiting trail hard in 2014 and his big boys will all be hitting the field next season. That plus added depth and these are some of my favorite odds on the board.

Stanford +600: I just want them to stink again. Can this be the year? Please? Pretty please? If not, this should be the last year David Shaw rides Jim Harbaugh's coattails--this is a senior-heavy squad and I don't trust the guys the Cardinal are currently lining up behind them. They are unfortunately annoying enough to upset Oregon if they play their cards right. God this stupid team.

Utah +900: The Ute offense is only going to be semi-functional under Travis Wilson, so they have a definite ceiling. But that defense is salty enough to keep them in any game and Devontae Booker can carry a team. Utah will be respected before this is all said and done, which likely means I'll be sweating bullets in Salt Lake City in October.

California +2,000: These odds are fair. No one expects Cal to win the Pac-12 next year--their schedule is brutal and they have a long way to go before they can prove they can run through a road gauntlet of Oregon/UCLA/Washington/Utah/Stanford with only minor scratches.

Washington +3,000: I don't think the Huskies are going to be very good next year, and the odds reflect it. They lost their defensive playmakers, I have no idea who their offensive weapons are outside of John Ross, and they haven't recruited all that well. They're taking a big step back.

Washington State +4,000: One more year of dumping Paul Wulff's baggage and Mike Leach will finally have his team ready for judgment.

Oregon State +4,000: Rebuilds everywhere in the Pac-12 North. Cal really needs to finish top three in this division without excuses.

Colorado +6,000: At some point Colorado is going to beat a Pac-12 South team. They came pretty close last year. Time to leap this season?