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Cal football recruiting: OL commit Nick Buchanan reopens his recruitment, likely to Florida


Johannes Simon/Getty Images

I'm not going to lie. This one hurts.

Of all the offensive linemen we got to commit to Cal, Nick Buchanan was the one who had plenty of upside and had a great shot of seeing the field sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, the rest of the college football world started taking notice, plenty of offers came from the big powers of the south and the east, and today the Florida Gators managed to officially flip him away from the Bears in the hours leading up to National Signing Day.

Cal did its best to pitch Buchanan once Brandon Jones was brought into the fold. But ultimately once Zach Yenser left for Kansas and Cal had to reboot its offensive line recruiting, there just hasn't been enough time to salvage those relationships that have been built with recruits the past year. Buchanan gets to play close to home with his friends, which is just a really tough pitch to pass up on for a young adult. Johnny Capra was a tough casualty to Utah, and now losing Buchanan compounds the blow (Ryan Gibson remains the lone offensive line commit for Cal that has stuck with the Bears post-Yenser departure, with Cal adding Patrick Mekari the past week).

All efforts must now be focused on securing the commitment of Semisi Uluave, who visited Cal this past weekend. The Bears need to load up on big uglies, fast.