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Instarecap: Cal Listens to the Incarnate Word, Wins 74-62

That wasn't pleasant again

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Cal wins, but discuss your misgivings about the team here!

Cuonzo is up first:

How concerned are you with turnover and attacking the zone

"we're going to have to go back and watch film, and we had good looks against their zone...I thought we did a great  job in the second half at getting it inside."

"Thought most of Jabari's looks were good looks...."

On Jaylen:

"He's the kind of guy who needs to have the ball in his hands, his strength is in attacking and opening it up for the other guys..."

Against the Zone

"I think against the zone you have to get dribble to be aggressive"

On Improving

"I think we have to continue to improve against the zone. We didn't play great defense, even though they only shot 36% percent. Ivan and Kam did a great job of staying vertical..."

On if they can beat St. Mary's

"We've to play the way we're capable of playing... got to take care of the ball, we had 19 turnovers and you can't go 12-22 from the line to beat (St. Mary's)"

Transition Dunks:

"That was just just want to play was just great for our guys to have that"

Jaylen fouls:

"I thought he did a great job of fighting through the pin down screen on the last foul, got to look at film to see the other 3."

Then on to Rabb and Bird

Problems against zone

JB: " We go over zone in practice and do great against it... need to get the ball in the middle more often. This is our 9th game of the season, we have good chemistry, just need to play basketball."


JB: "Give them credit, they made plays on that end. We just need to be strong with the ball."

Frustration of not winning by more

JB: "Hoping to get guys like Kerr some minutes, but we couldn't get that..."

IR: "We need to continue to do what we did to get that lead."


IR: "Said that there was no reason for us to be close to that team..."

Stagnant Ball Movement:

JB: "We can lose focus at times, just need to lock in more and pay attention to detail...."

On St. Mary's

IR: "We know (St Mary's) is a great team, we can't make those mistakes against them..."

Learned from this game:

IR: "Vital to not come out flat, we weren't enjoying the game in the first half...."

As local guys, excited to play St. Mary's

JB: "All about getting that W."

6 FG attempts for Rabb

"I do think I'm capable of taking more on stripped teammates can only do so much for me..."