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Cal is 6 to 7 point favorites against Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl

Go Bears!

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The California Golden Bears open as six to seven point favorites/underdogs in their bowl game against Air Force. If things hold true to form, Cal should feel more comfortable about winning their bowl game!

Here's your fun fact this season. Cal is 7-0 this season as the favorite and 0-5 as the underdog! The Bears held serve and did what they were supposed to do; beat the teams they were expected to beat, lose to the teams that they were expected to not beat.

As the favorite,

  • Cal was favored by 45 points against Grambling. Won!
  • Cal was favored by 12.5 points against San Diego State. Won!
  • Cal was favored by 5 points against Texas. Won!
  • Cal was favored by 1 point against Washington. Won!
  • Cal was favored by 16.5 points against Washington State. Won!
  • Cal was favored by 21 points against Oregon State. Won!
  • Cal was favored by 3.5 points against Arizona State. Won!
As the underdog, Utah were 7.5 point favorites, UCLA 3.5 points, USC 4.5 points, Oregon 3.5 points, Stanford 10 points. Loss loss loss loss loss.

If these patterns hold true to form, we're all gonna have a Happy New Year!

What are your thoughts on the line?