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Championship weekend open thread! Who are you rooting for the Pac-12, Stanford or USC?

Who goes to the playoff?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford or USC is going to win the Pac-12. Who are you hoping loses more on Saturday night?

KWBears: Given that no Pac-12 team has a shot at the CFB Playoffs, I've got to root against our main rival. I am hoping that Furd loses more this weekend.

LeonPowe: No question here. NEXT!

Nik Jam: As I said in the Power Rankings, we make jokes about how little Stanford fans there are. Let's be real though. We ALL know a few Stanfurdites. Whether they are alums or have family members who are alums, or just hopped on the bandwagon this decade. We've had to deal with them bragging about the Axe and BCS bowls throughout the years, with little to no chances for Cal fans to brag (we haven't even beaten them in Men's basketball lately, not to mention most Furd BCS bowls coinciding with no Cal bowl at all) and although the memories of my Twitter feed being unbearable after them beating USC, UCLA, Big Game, and Notre Dame will still burn strong, I'd like to see them silent after being sent to the Alamo or Holiday Bowl with a USC upset. Yes, we all know annoying SC fans too, and we always lose to them and it sucks, but it'd be less annoying and less in my face if the Trojans win. However, they probably won't win.

boomtho: I'm really, really torn.

I want Stanford to lose, because, 'eff em.

I want USC to lose, because, screw them too.

I bought tickets to Vegas on the off chance that we'd go there, and I think the only way we can is it Stanford makes the CFP, so that's one pro-Stanford factor. It's also good for the Pac-12 (reputation and money-wise) if they make it, so that's another positive.

I guess I'm narrowly rooting for Stanford, and now I feel dirty. Thanks Avinash.

Fri, Dec 4, 2015
8:00 PM ET
Bowling Green vs.
(MAC Championship)
Northern Illinois
Sat, Dec 5, 2015
12:00 PM ET
(22) Temple vs.
(AAC Championship)
(19) Houston
12:00 PM ET
Southern Miss vs.
(CUSA Championship)
Western Kentucky
12:00 PM ET
Texas at (12) Baylor
2:00 PM ET
Georgia State at Georgia Southern
3:00 PM ET
New Mexico State at Louisiana-Monroe
3:00 PM ET
Texas State at Arkansas State
4:00 PM ET
(2) Alabama vs.
(SEC Championship)
(18) Florida
4:30 PM ET
West Virginia at Kansas State
5:00 PM ET
Troy at Louisiana-Lafayette
7:30 PM ET
Appalachian State at South Alabama
7:30 PM ET
Air Force vs.
(MWC Championship)
San Diego State
7:45 PM ET
(7) Stanford vs.
(Pac-12 Championship)
(20) USC
8:00 PM ET
(1) Clemson vs.
(ACC Championship)
(10) North Carolina
8:00 PM ET
(4) Iowa vs.
(Big Ten Championship)
(5) Michigan State