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Sonny Dykes & Cal progressing on contract extension negotiations

We've moved from Point A to Point A.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sonny Dykes is an employee of Cal Athletics and the University of California, Berkeley.

His job is to coach the Cal football team, which he very much did during practice on Friday.

Dykes arrived in Cal Thursday night for the team banquet after a week of recruiting, and it sounds like things are settling back to normal after Dykes's name was being linked with MissouriSouth Carolina, Virginia and more.

Cal Athletics has released an official statement late Friday night indicating that contract negotiations are ongoing.

A source among the players seems to indicate that Dykes informed the team that everything was on track for him to be coaching the Bears for quite some time.

Again, nothing has been signed, but it appears Sonny Watch is progressing toward a point where Dykes will remain at Cal. With more positions being filled by the day (Missouri yesterday, Virginia today), it doesn't seem likely Sonny will find any capable suitors unless he is willing to make a downward move to a Group 5 schools. I'm not sure if Dykes is ready for such a move backward, and Cal has shown no signs they're budging from their original offer.

Also, regarding South Carolina: