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Like Cal father, like Cal son: Richard Rodgers has his own version of The Play with Aaron Rodgers

Eerie. And awesome!

Andrew Weber/Getty Images

Let's watch Aaron Rodgers and Richard Rodgers win a football game.

Aaron finished 24-of-36 for 273 yards with two touchdown passes and one interception, while Richard had career highs of eight receptions and 146 yards receiving with the Hail Mary to his name. Aaron led the Packers in rushing with 27 yards on four carries including the touchdown.

He's not the only Rodgers involved in a dramatic game-winning play from Cal. What's even more cool for those who are unfamiliar with the protagonists in the Play: His dad Richard Rodgers Sr. threw two laterals to set up Kevin Moen running straight into the Stanford band and Gary Tyrrell!

Here is Richard talking about this play postgame

And Aaron marveling at that finish.

Not to mention on the previous play that set up the Hail Mary, Aaron threw a pass downfield to Richard, who threw it back to Aaron to move the ball up! So there was a mini-Play before the big play! So it was all Cal all the way for the Packers to beat the Lions!

Cal Twitter reacts.