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Cal leads Air Force 35-21 at half: Jared Goff with four touchdowns! 3rd quarter chat

The glass is either half-empty or half-full.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. Just wow. Who can believe the frenzied/boring/totally expected/lolwut-y first half of the Shadowcat's Pet Martin Armed Forces Bowl? The best play was undoubtedly when that player from the California Golden Bears did that thing to or had a thing done to him by that player representing the Air Force Falcons. Plus, who would have expected two streakers?

Also, Jared Goff is 15-22 for 271 yards and four touchdowns. That's mildly impressive! Did you also know it might be his last game at Cal? Didn't hear a lot about that during the telecast!

Here are the first half stats.

Join us in the halftime/3rd quarter chat. GO BEARS!