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Cal football pregame hype: The Armed Forces Bowl and Air Force

All respect to the men and women of the Armed Forces, of course… but for one more time this season, we ignore all reason and gear up the machine for pregame hype.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

One of the two teams playing Tuesday rules the sky, led by a general now legendary for his savvy, his cunning, and his cool. His career is drawing to a close, but for at least one more day, he will pilot an offense loaded with weapon after weapon, ready to unleash four full quarters of aerial devastation and drives resembling bombing runs more than actual football.

The other team playing Tuesday is Air Force.

Sound the sirens and ride it out, Falcons, for you are under-manned and two other branches of the armed forces short of stopping the Bear Raid.

No, we didn't plan on being here in Fort Worth—not when there were dreams of Vegas and hopes for Tempe still living on our lips. But be that as it may, we do not plan on leaving the Lone Star State a loser or to enter the long winter with a loss as our last memory.

We burned the ships against Arizona State, roaring back from three touchdowns behind.

Imagine what happens when we take flight.

We're coming.

Expect us.