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Cal football at the Armed Forces Bowl: Will Kenny Lawler return or declare early?

Jared Goff isn't making the only decision whether to stay or go.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Cal quarterback Jared Goff is still uncertain about whether he will declare early for the 2016 NFL Draft; a decision will likely follow the conclusion of the Armed Forces Bowl or soon thereafter.

Even more uncertain is the status of fellow junior wide receiver Kenny Lawler, who appears to be open to either coming back or taking his chances and declaring early for next year's draft. More from Connor Letourneau of the San Francisco Chronicle.

"It'd have to be the first couple rounds for me to not get my degree, since I'm so close," said Lawler, who is five classes shy of earning his degree in sociology. "If (the evaluation) said last couple (rounds), more than likely I'd have to come back. I wouldn't want to do that to myself or my family."

Unlike Goff, who appears to be a certain first rounder, it's unclear where exactly Lawler would get picked. As a wide receiver, Lawler definitely has elite physical skills and knows how to find the end zone, but he is at this point uncertain and in a much more crowded field of talented receivers. This might sway Lawler to return to lead a young and promising group of wideouts in 2016.

Injury updates: Lawler, Damariay Drew, Trevor Davis, and Brian Farley are all slated to be full go this week. Daniel Lasco is likely to be relegated to special teams.

The only injury of note is Austin Aaron, who suffered a broken collarbone last week but is expected to return for spring camp. Aaron redshirted this season.

Cal is currently practicing at Centennial High School in Burleson, which might have nicer facilities than half the Pac-12.

Here are the press conferences from the last two days of practices.

Sonny Dykes

Vic Enwere

Stephen Anderson

Cameron Saffle