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Cal Basketball starts the game on fire, goes to overtime, can't close out, loses 63-62

CAL-UVA. UVA-CAL. East Coast. West Coast. Public Institute. Public Institute.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

DA BEARS started off the game very strong by shooting 44% from the field and keeping UVA shooting only 18%. The Bears also led the rebounding battle 21-12, but kept coughing the ball up in the 1st half recording 7 TOs. Fouls were also an issue with the bears committing 10 fouls in the first half. Jordan Mathews led the way with 8 points on 3-7 FG and 2-4 from 3. Ivan Rabb paced the team in rebounding hauling in 5 boards in the half.

The Bears came out of halftime firing on all cylinders. shooting 8 of 10 to start. Cal led for most of the game as well. except for only 20 seconds. UVA ONLY LED FOR 20 SECONDS! And yet the game went to overtime, where the Bears fall short.

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