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Sonny Dykes did not sign with Missouri, on the Cal football recruiting trail in Los Angeles

So there we go.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

So Cal head coach Sonny Dykes has interviewed with MissouriCal Athletics has their offer on the table. Dykes has not signed it at this moment.

But Dykes hasn't signed with Missouri. Any reports of that have been rebuked. It appears like the Tigers are looking at a bunch of candidates and haven't made up their mind yet, but it's not clear if Dykes is on their shortlist.

There are rumors of South Carolina, but they're just rumors.

What we do know is regardless of the coaching rumor mill, there is confirmation that Dykes is on the recruiting trail in Los Angeles. Dykes conducted an in-home visit with Max Gilliam earlier this week, and today is in the trail with secondary coach Greg Burns.

Also, Gilliam just recently tweeted this.

Jeff Faraudo believes that the Dykes situation should be resolved by the end of the week.

So Dykes is still doing his job because he is currently employed as the head coach of Cal football.

This is your regular Dykes coaching chaos update.