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Zach Kline back to Cal to finish degree; Jeff Tedford back to College Football?

A couple of familiar names to Cal fans are on the move!

Might Zach Kline be leading the Bears to a Big Game win in 2016?
Might Zach Kline be leading the Bears to a Big Game win in 2016?
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

When highly touted recruit Zach Kline had committed to Cal and rounded up a formidable #CalGang prior to the 2012 season, Cal fans were dreaming of Kline leading the Bears to a Rose Bowl. Of course, things did not quite play out like that. A coaching change at Cal and the firing of Jeff Tedford meant that Kline never truly got the chance to start for the Bears, after redshirting in 2012. Kline was outplayed by a certain Jared Goff (that guy is pretty good, in case you haven't heard) in then new head coach Sonny Dykes' Bear Raid.

Kline transferred to Butte Community College (you may have heard Aaron Rodgers mention it on Sunday Night Football this year), where he played for an year, before landing at Indiana State for this past season - seeing rather limited playing time.

Given the uncertainties surrounding College Football coaching carousel, here are a couple of interesting pieces of news.

I am grateful for the year I spent at Indiana State University and for the lifelong friendships I have formed with my teammates, coaches and roommates, which make especially hard for me to announce that I have decided not to return to ISU next year. I have always been told that the most important focus for a student athlete should be school, so I have decided to put my education first. I have been re-accepted to the University of California, Berkeley, where I will be able to finish my degree in one semester.

I graduate at the end of June, and after that, I will be able to use my final year of eligibility as a graduate transfer in any division. I will continue to train with private quarterback and strength coaches in the Bay Area while I attend Berkeley this spring, hoping to fulfilll my dream of being a starting quarterback at a college football program. Thank you again to ISU and to my family and friends for the continued support over the last few years.

Yes, Zach Kline is coming back to finish his degree (it's great to see him getting a Cal undergrad degree after all). Depending on how the College Football landscape looks, Kline can then graduate transfer to any Division I program. Granted, Kline hasn't made an impact with Indiana State this year. He's got a lot of work to do in his private training in the Bay Area.

Interestingly, where Kline ends up may depends greatly on this other news, announced hours before Kline's news.

Yes, Jeff Tedford is hoping to return to College Football. Given the number of job openings available this season, this is not all that surprising. Depending on where Tedford lands, it would not be shocking to see Kline follow him, given the history.

Of course, given the uncertainties at Cal, there is perhaps a chance of both of them reuniting in Berkeley next Fall. How crazy would that be?

Cal fans, speculate away!