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Sonny Dykes coaching rumors persist; KNBR says he's gone, Cal Athletics says hogwash

The fire rises.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Where you stand on these Sonny Dykes rumors depends on several things.

Do you enjoy waking up and seeing the sun rise on a bright blue day?

Or do you enjoy watching the world burn?

Here's the sun.

Alaina Getzenberg and Michelle Lee of the Daily Cal obtained this statement from Cal Athletics, who wanted to let everyone know that all is well.

Here's the official statement.

Despite multiple reports that Dykes has been looking to move on from the program, Cal Athletics denied the validity of these rumors.

"Over the course of the past year, the relationship between our football program and our athletics department is as strong as it has ever been," Mallette said. "The stories that have been reported by certain media outlets pointing to anything else than a solid relationship between the athletics administration and our head football coach are not true."

Most people have said that there is indeed an offer on the table from Cal. But Dykes appears to have not accepted it at this time.

It's unclear what the guiding factors are in not accepting it. Was the extension too light for Dykes's liking? Was the coaching contract too mild in its raises? Did the terms of the new deal not turn out to be satisfactory for Sonny?

Or is it just too late?

Here's the fire.

KNBR has the doomsday scenario: Dykes is already out the door, and only a lack of offers from other FBS programs will bring him back.

This seems extreme. This could be leverage. But we'll see.

Ryan Gorcey remarked that one significant issue in contract negotiations involves assistant salary pay, which is among the worst in the Pac-12 outside offensive and defensive coordinators (although the USA Today salary data that was cited has already been shown to have some errors). Regardless of what happens to Dykes, he could lose some of his assistants if they're offered better salaries elsewhere, and I think he wants to keep this staff together for the long haul.

Then there's this from an anonymous Cal football player via Jeff Faraudo.

A Cal football player at the Bears' basketball game against Seattle said he and his teammates have heard nothing from their coaches, who are out of town recruiting.

The player, who asked that his name not be used, said he wouldn't be surprised if Dykes took the Missouri job but that he is focused on preparing for the Bears' bowl game.

Until a deal is reached somewhere, these rumors will persist.