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Melquise Stovall decides between Cal, Utah, Notre Dame, Arizona, Boise State on December 21

It's coming.

Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images

Former USC Trojans commit Melquise Stovall has had the California Golden Bears on his radar for sometime. He's made a few unofficial visits to Cal earlier this year (including one last month), and then an official visit to Berkeley came last week. It was his final official visit, with trips to Utah (for the Cal game interestingly enough), Notre Dame, Arizona, and Boise State already taken.  The Lancaster all-purpose back has enjoyed his time up here.

Stovall is now expected to make his decision this Monday. The Bears and the Utes are the potential favorites.

After that he will get ready for the US Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio. If Stovall commits to Cal it would be the first Army Bowl recruit for the Golden Bears this recruiting cycle. More from Ryan Gorcey:

"I've taken three unofficial visits to Cal already so I already had a good feel for the campus and the school itself," Stovall said. "I still did the campus tours, saw the academic facilities and got more information about the school from the academic advisers.

"I got to go to a basketball game and that was a cool atmosphere and then just hung out a lot more with the players. That was probably the biggest difference from the other visits, I was there friday-sunday and spent a lot more time with the guys on the team and they all treated me great so I had a really good time."

Stovall said he was hosted by receiver Bryce Treggs and he could fill a similar role if he chose the Bears.

"Yeh the coaches said they see me lining up in the slot like Bryce but also playing some running back too," Stovall said. "They want to move me around and Coach Franklin said some games I'll be used more at receiver and others, more at running back, just depends on the matchup.

Cal could use some more long-term stability in their backfield with the departure of Lonny Powell; despite having stability in Khalfani Muhammad, Tre Watson and Vic Enwere next year, the Bears will need an additional running back to fill in the gaps. They already have Derrick Clark coming into the fold early this winter.

Stovall is a four-star all-purpose back, a top 30 California recruit, and a top 200 prospect according to 247Composite. This would be the highest ranked commit for Cal so far.

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